Bristol startup Gnodal opens US office as it launches its first products

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Bristol startup Gnodal has opened a US office in California as it launches its first products – high speed switches for data centres.

Gnodal has developed a new chip that provides 1.5 Terabits of non-blocking, ultra-low latency switching to the data centre with lower power, and has used these in switches that sit in the racks in the data centre. The chip also allows the switches to sit anywhere in the network (as often you need different devices at the edge or in the middle of the network) and can be used for massive networks with up to 64,000  ports.

“The GS-Series creates a truly scalable family of Ethernet building blocks, enabling network expansion to occur without the traditional latency penalties associated with adding another switch to the fabric,” said Fred Homewood, CEO at Gnodal. “We looked to address some of the historic challenges of Ethernet in congestion, scalability, power, and latency and have built the GS-Series to target these high performance data center requirements with our revolutionary technology. Our products finally enable large, low latency, flat fabrics to be built by allowing Gnodal Ethernet to extend the capabilities of the Ethernet standard with minimal complexity, offering an overall more efficient use of capital equipment in the data centre.”

The GS series of switches will be ready at the end of the quarter.

More details of the technology are at SiliconSouthWest

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