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SW Innovation News is written by a team of experienced science and technology journalists covering innovation in the SouthWest of the UK. The region is already a global centre of excellence for silicon design, aerospace, nanotech and creative media alongside world leading university and commercial research, and this site aims to assist collaboration between companies and universities in the region and around the world.

Nick Flaherty, publisher and editor-in-chief

Nick Flaherty is a Bristol-based freelance technology writer, analyst and consultant who has covered the semiconductor and electronics markets for over 20 years, the last 15 in Bristol.

He blogs at The Embedded Blog and is editor in chief at eeNews Europe.

He has worked for Electronics Times and Electronic Engineering, edited MicroTechnology Europe and Electronic Product Design and started Automotive Electronics, as well as writing for many multinational semiconductor companies. He has written analyst reports on digital TV and personal video recorders, as well as contributing to the NESTA report on the SW electronics industry, Chips With Everything.

Email: nick@swinnovation.co.uk

Tel: 07710 236368