Medical electronics spotlight in Bath

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i-Med: How medical electronics will deliver patient power

Thursday, 24 March 2011 and Friday, 25 March 2011, Bath Ventures Innovation Centre, Broad Quay, Bath, BA1 1UD

Experts in medical electronic systems are gathering in Bath next week for the SiliconSouthWest iMed seminar. This looks at the increasingly important area of medical electronics and applications, particularly with the use of wireless networks. Speakers from the NHS, silicon and embedded systems companies and applications developers will explore the opportunities for developing the next generation of medical systems and their place in the healthcare ecosystem.

Confirmed Speakers:

Plus healthcare expert panel led by Dr Nigel Harris, Director, Bath Institute of Medical Engineering

  • Stephen Hope, Docobo
  • Angus Donald, NHS Innovations South West
  • David Rogers, Ex President and Chief Executive, Lucent EMEA

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Bac2 demonstrates economic production for fuel cells

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Scalable low-volume production method for moulded polymer bipolar plates simplifies processing and cut manufacturing costs

Southampton startup Bac2 is demonstrating moulded bipolar plates for fuel cell stacks that are made using its patented ElectroPhen electrically conductive polymer. The process reduces the cost of fuel cells because they can be moulded for high volume production and is economical to tool-up and mould relatively small quantities of plates, sometimes just a few hundred.

The unique mould-flow approach means that the plates also do not need post-processing, such as surface machining or drilling, after moulding, further reducing costs and cutting waste.

The ElectroPhen bipolar plates are available for many different types of fuel cell stacks, from high-temperature and low-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM), direct methanol, alkali and phosphoric acid designs. Unlike those made from metal, the plates are chemically inert, do not corrode, will not poison fuel cell electrodes and are rugged enough to withstand the harshest environments. They are made using a simple,
2-stage, mix-and-mould manufacturing process.
In addition to moulded plates, Bac2 supplies blank plates that can be easily machined for fuel cell development work. Blank plates are available from stock.

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SW company drives mobile multimedia on the new Samsung Galaxy tablet

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A chip and system developer in Chippenham is providing the technology for a new generation of mobile multimedia on the latest smartphones and tablet PCs from Samsung being shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

IPWireless, which has over 100 engineers in the region,  has teamed up with US company AmDocs to run various multimedia applications on the Samsung Galaxy S phone and Galaxy Tab tablet PC, which are both running the Android operating system.

The technology, called Integrated Mobile Broadcast (IMB), has been endorsed by the GSMA and means mobile operators can use dormant 3G spectrum by overlaying a highly economical content delivery network on top of their existing 3G network. IMB-enabled networks bypass increasingly congested and allow popular content and applications to be streamed simultaneously to an unlimited number of devices: approximately 40,000 short form videos, 44,000 full length music tracks, 1,700 TV shows, or over 100,000 video advertisements can be sent in a single day. However, it needs a new generation of technology to do this, and IPWireless is working with companies such as Amdocs and ST-Ericsson, which has chip design in Bristol,  to develop the whole system. Meanwhile operators Vodafone in Newbury and Orange in Bristol and O2 in Slough are running trials of the technology which could allow video to be sent to phones and tablets more cost effectively.

The company has some good connections already – last month it launched a ‘dongle’ for the Apple iPhone and iPad to connect to such services. It also last year set up a research lab in Chippenham with Sony America.

“IMB has the potential to deliver the multimedia experience consumers want at an economic model that makes sense for operators,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs.  “Amdocs and IPWireless bring advanced application features that enable service providers to move beyond Mobile TV and offer innovative and intelligent new broadcast services that will lead to an enhanced consumer experience.”

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