Xcore open source libraries for streaming sound and video over Ethernet

The AVB software implementation has been optimized for high performance audio devices based on XMOSembedded processors. AVB protocols, digital audio interfaces and control software have all been integrated into a single low cost device and the XMOS open software has been extensively tested for device interoperability in customer products and at AVnu Alliance plugfests.

The move has brought strong industry support:

“XMOS’ decision to place their AVB protocol software into the open source realm will only make that solution more viable,” said¬†Mike Sims, director of marketing and sales for Attero Tech.¬†“One of the great promises of AVB was that, as an IEEE standard, AVB was non-proprietary and available to everyone without licensing costs. This move by XMOS finally makes that promise a reality, and should be a tremendous help moving AVB acceptance forward,”

“The availability of the XMOS open source version of the AVB software is a key sign that the media interconnect standard is maturing and rapidly establishing itself as a force in the market. Industry collaboration on the open standard will enable companies to focus resources on developing highly differentiated products,” said Robert Boatright, director of research at Harman International.

The XCore Open Source project contains a wide range of XMOS and developer contributed software-based peripherals, applications, hardware reference designs and tools. The entire AVB application is made available under a license derived from the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License and enables developers to decide which hardware and software enhancements to contribute back to the XCore Open Source project. All proprietary developer code is fully protected.

The XCore Open Source Project has been set up, as a community, to create a comprehensive set of software, hardware designs and tools that enable great ideas and businesses to thrive on XMOS event-driven technology. The program is officially sponsored by XMOS as a true open-source project and contributions to the library have been made by XMOS, customers, universities and volunteers.



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