Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration is a key advantage for innovation, and SW Innovation News looks to identify collaborative opportunities for companies in the region, both with local companies and with companies in other regions through the contacts of the writers and links to other regional support organisations such as SiliconSouthWest.

Support for companies looking to collaborate in the region is also available through the appropriate iNet:

Microelectronics Contact: Rick Chapman

Bristol looks for collaboration on Dualbeam imaging system

Dr Tom Scott looking for collaborations for using the Helios dualbeam imaging system at Bristol’s Interface Analysis Centre. “The dualbeam instrument is a clear example of the University’s commitment to groundbreaking developments in research,” he said. “If we are going to be the leaders in the UK and internationally in terms of research we need to be pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible, and this new piece of equipment will certainly enable us to do that.” See more information on the dualbeam system.

For more information please contact Nick Flaherty

Technology Collaboration Opportunities in Europe (February 2011)

Method, apparatures and system for asynchronous spread-spectrum communication

Ref: 11 NL 1D1D 3K8R

An international organization has developed means to perform asynchronous spread-spectrum communication. This technology can be used for a wide range of communication systems such as: mobile broadband data services, public safety, emergency alerting, traffic monitoring, environmental monitoring, vehicle information or location-awareness services. License agreement collaboration is sought.

Method of processing positioning signals, in particular for indoor applications

Ref: 11 NL 1D1D 3K9O

An international organization has developed a method for processing positioning signals for indoor applications. It offers an improvement of signal processing in positioning systems. This technology can be used to develop a receiver to provide accurate positioning in indoor environments and urban canyons. License agreement collaborations are sought.

Electronic door key

Ref: 10 IL 80ER 3K5N

An Israeli SME has developed an electronic key to enter the certain door provided for knowing the corresponding code. Advantages over those on the market do not leave a chance for a theft, i.e., no ability to duplicate the key, no battery on key, no decoder on door, no risk of damage when lost, low-power design. Looking for joint venture, licensing agreement, technical cooperation, commercial agreement to develop further, embody and implement the offered technology.

Method and system for singularity analysis of digital signals, for substantial improvement of satelite observation of the Earth, video compression standards, and contour and pattern recognition in diagnostic imaging.

Ref: 11 ES 28G2 3KAS
A Spanish public research organization has patented a fast and precise method to perform singularity analysis of digital signals. It can be used for effective edge-preserving compression and filtering algorithms with minimal distortion, and to extract relevant physical quantities in signals coming from phenomena such as turbulent flows, combustion, atmosphere, oceans, etc. No existing technology allows similar outcomes. Licenses for specific applications plus technical assistance are offered.

Semantic Business Processes based on Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Computing

Ref: 10 ES 28F8 3IYP
A Spanish University has developed a technology to gather several emerging concepts to foster and face up to the evolution of new platforms oriented towards interoperability and cost reduction.  This tool allows accessing any application within the platform only using a computer with Internet connection, without installation, and paying only the properties the client is using.

Collaboration with companies, research centers or public administrations interested in this technology is sought.

Device for non-invasive measurement of glucose in tear fluid

Ref: 11 NL 60AH 3K7U
A Dutch SME has developed a non-invasive biosensing micro-device that allows biomarker detection through a biochemical reaction within the sensor. The biosensor can be used for glucose measurement under the lower eye lid. This first application is currently in a concept stage. The company is looking for partners to develop the application further. The company is also interested in industrial partners for the development of other applications with this sensor principle.