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Following the ground breaking study into offering IP with minimal licensing restrictions, Bristol University has started offering IP from its research in computer science,  wireless technology, computer vision and semiconductor technology to companies under a new licensing scheme.

“As early adopters of the Easy Access IP model we have a real opportunity for companies to move our innovations into the marketplace more quickly and easily than before,” said Dr Neil Bradshaw, Director of Enterprise at the University of Bristol. “This is a significant advance for our Universities and one where we are leading the world.”

The ‘Easy Access IP’ project aims to increase engagement between universities and industry and speed up the transfer of academic knowledge and expertise into the hands of commercial partners who can then develop it to benefit the economy and society as a whole.

Category Ref Title
Wirelesss & video 1548 Enhanced Image Compression using region-based Texture Modelling
Computer Vision 1556 Improved Low Light Imaging by Automatic Contrast Enhancement
  1580 Real-time Distance Measurement while Driving
1597 Automatic Identification of Obstructions while Driving
Microelectronics 1516 More Efficient VCSELs Using Photonic Crystals with Microlids
Biotechnology 1579 Novel Pain Receptor and Associated Treatments


It is also offering IP in biomedical technology:

Ref Title
677 OdourReader – emission analysis device for rapid diagnosis of diseases
1248 Novel therapeutic for neuropathic pain
1450 Biocompatible Hydrogels from Self-assembling Peptide Fibres
1615 Novel NMDA Receptor Modulators with Varied Subunit Selectivity

The IP can be licensed from here with exclusive or non-exclusive licenses.



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