Bristol shortlists ten ideas for world’s first digital playground

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Ten ideas for the Playable City Award have been shortlisted to make Bristol into the world’s first Digital playground. The winning idea will be chosen by a panel of digital artists and innovators at the Watershed in January, and implemented in the summer of 2013. The ten ideas vary from song birds through informative lamp posts to mini robots competing across the city:
  • Arc project image
    A series of 3D scanning booths scattered throughout the city. Scan your body and see it play in the city’s augmented reality museum of life.
  • The balloonometer image
    Inviting the residents of Bristol to rediscover their spirit of playfulness. By bursting some balloons.
  • Cast Image
    An interactive pavilion, constructed using 3D scans of personal objects provided by the public, representing the different relationships people have with the city.
  • The City You Dreamed of image
    Tumbling out of a tip-up truck comes huge building blocks, all colours and shapes. Build your dream city, knock it down, and then build it again.
  • Hello Lamp Post image
    The city is waking up. Lamp posts, bus stops, post boxes and more: all are rising from their slumber. They have questions, and they need answers.
  • Still from Electricity Comes From Other Planets: film by Drew Cox
    An ‘album’ installed in a series of spaces throughout the city. Part light installation, part musical performance and part generative interface.
  • The jolly Brolly Mystery
    Explore Bristol while solving a murder mystery – even on rainy days. All you need is a Jolly Brolly, a clever umbrella that serves as your game assistant and guide.
  • Tiny Games Image
    A network of lightweight, robust digital screens situated around Bristol inviting passers-by to get involved and play.
  • Robot runners image
    A street game that blends public space, collaboration and a swarm of little wheeled robots.
  • Sing a little song image
    Digital songbirds are placed in trees, rooftops, alleys. Tweet them and hear your messages as beautiful bird song.
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